Day 1

Well, I guess I should introduce myself.  I’m the author of this blog – a 20-something young professional, and a DINK (Double Income No Kids).  The hubby & I live in Texas, and we love it here.  I am a daughter of the King and am blessed beyond all my dreams, and far far far beyond what I deserve.

The main reason that I’m starting this blog is to hold myself accountable and have an outlet for thoughts/emotions/struggles that I’m sure will be coming in the next months.  I’m starting a journey, you see – one that I was on 2 years ago, but never finished.  I currently have no intention of making this blog public – so if you’re reading this, then I’ve had a serious change of heart!

Today is the starting point.  My goal is that in 12 months I will have completed this task and my life will be drastically different.  My goal is to lose 72 lbs. by 10.10.10.  I realize I’m jipping myself 4 days, but 10.10.10 is such a great date!  It’s easy to remember and easy to make into a mantra of sorts.

I’ve created two additional pages on here – Measurements & Photos.  Those will be my two main methods of tracking progress.  This portion of the blog will be a variety of things – thoughts, comments, frustrations, rants, recipes, tips & tricks, encouraging moments, workout reports, etc.

Well, I guess that’s about it as far as an introduction goes.  Welcome to my blog!  I hope my struggles can be a source of encouragement for you.


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