Food Log – 10.16.09

Yesterday apparently kicked my butt.  And here I thought I ate fairly healthy, outside of the candy.  1985 calories.  Wow.  According to CalorieKing, a 2190 daily calorie intake is the maintenance level at my current weight.  Obviously, that’s too much food for weight loss.  According to this website, my daily calorie goal is 1811 per day, at my current activity level.  If I were to amp up the activity level, then it jumps to 2243.  If I remember correctly from my First Place class, I fell into the 1600 calorie range for weight loss.  It’s all so subjective!  I’m planning to meet with a nutritionist soon, so hopefully I’ll have a better idea of just how accurate those numbers are for me.

Random note – I almost fell victim to a calorie sneak attack!  My AZ green tea snack reads 70 cal. – per serving!  Three servings in that big ol’ can, my friends!

  • Breakfast – 1 C cereal (200) & 1 C skim milk (90)
  • Snack – 4 oz. coffee w/ creamer/sweetener (11), 4 Tootsie Roll Frooties (42), 1 Fun Size pkg. M&M’s (240)
  • Lunch – Campbells Select Harvest Light Veggies & Pasta (60), 8 oz. water
  • Snack – 8 oz. water, 23 oz. AZ green tea (210)
  • Supper – half Baker Bro’s – Santa Fe salad (375) w/ balsamic vinegarette (80)
  • Other – 1 Vit. C tablet & daily medicine
  • Gum – 2

Total Daily Calorie Count:  1308

Daily Water Intake:  16 oz.

The official kickoff measurements are posted!  Take that, goal #4.  Photos to come soon.  That one takes a bit more courage for me…!


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