Exercise – New Beginnings!

Well, my Goal #2 hasn’t exactly been a top priority as of late.  Mainly, that’s because it’s my least favorite part of the weight-loss process, at least at the beginning.  It’s certainly the hardest to start!  It is, however, absolutely the MOST effective thing for my body, especially since my main goal is to be fit once again.

The Hubby bought a Total Gym off CraigsList several months back, which I used a few times…but without any sort of plan or research into how to make the system work for me.  I’ve done a bit more on the preparation side this time, which is good!  The Hubby found a website that has a plethora of TG exercises, broken out into workout types (legs/arms/core/etc.).  Yesterday I did the Cross-Body Pullover Crunch, Kneeling Torso Twist, Lying Knee Raise, and Lying Leg Lift.  I’d planned to do the Prone Jack Knife too, but was shaking too much.  😦

I had, however, started cleaning the bathtub pre-workout, so I had to finish that before going to bed!  Yes, my arms are sore today.  My core isn’t, oddly enough….maybe I’m not doing the exercises right.  Bah.

Either way – I’m really excited that I actually started!


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