An apple a day won’t keep this doctor away

Next Friday I’ll be visiting a doctor who specializes in weight management/obesity treatment.  I’m not particularly looking forward to this appointment.  I believe this is because it’s an admission to the world (outside of my Mom, husband and a select few friends) that I truly have a problem that I can’t handle alone.

I’ve completely made a mess of my life, physically, because I couldn’t control various things.  One is my PT, though there isn’t much I could have done to prevent that.  Mom thinks that PT may be the reason I gained so much weight so quickly.  She may be right – 40 lbs. in one year is a huge chunk, and I’ve never before gained weight at that rate (even when I was battling depression).

Another is stress/fear/emotional upheaval.  Marriage is absolutely wonderful, but it’s definitely an emotional adjustment! Architecture isn’t a stable industry to be in at the moment, and it feels as though my job has been on the chopping block for about a year now.  My sister left for college, and my parents are going through the joys of re-adjusting to each other after 26 years as “full-time parents.”  Yes, I realize they’re still full-time parents, but it’s not the same once all the kids are living outside the house.

Finally, I’ve been flat-out lazy.  After our honeymoon, I didn’t get back into my weekly exercise routine.  I started cooking full meals at suppertime – and eating them quite late.  Such is life, when you commute and have a 9-6 job.  I started baking again…and eating those baked goods!  I ate out at lunch practically daily for 6-8 months.  I switched my daily 8 glasses of water for a coffee/soda/sweet tea/green tea habit.  I came home in the evenings, cooked dinner, and planted myself on the couch for 3 hours, moving only enough to be comfortable.  Not a pretty picture!

All that to say, I’m nervous about the appointment next week.  The lady I scheduled it with said the initial meeting will last about 3 hours….3 hours!  The first 1.5 will be meeting with a Nutritionist, and then the last .5 will be meeting with the Dr. herself.  Should be educational, if nothing else!



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