Daily Log – 11.10.09

Well, this morning I enjoyed a small victory!  I came into the office and went to drop my lunch off in the break room for the morning.  There, I was bombarded by delicious smells and free food – someone had brought doughnuts, plus a consultant brought us breakfast burritos.  I bypassed the doughnuts (YES!), but grabbed a burrito (No! :-() and headed back to my desk with it, my coffee, a glass of water, and 3 pear halves that I forgot to eat yesterday afternoon.  I set it all down – then grabbed the burrito and marched right back into the break room!  Woohoo – no extra calories this morning!

Aaaaand then I grabbed a doughnut after lunch.  And ate a bag of Fritos.  Arg!  What is wrong with me?!?  I’m well on my way to actually GAINING weight again.  Oh, this is so frustrating.

  • Breakfast:  1 C Kashi Lean Crunch (200 – 9), 1 C skim milk (91 – 9)
  • Snack:  4 oz. coffee w/ creamer/sweetener (11), 8 oz. water, 3 canned pear halves (66 – .5)
  • Lunch:  bacon/egg/cheese breakfast burrito (450 – 20), Mediterranean bread – 3 pieces (200 – 6),
  • Snack:  1 glazed doughnut, 16 oz. water, 2.875 oz. Fritos (460 – 5)
  • Supper:
  • Other:  1 Vit. C tablet, 3 pieces gum – Trident

Daily Calorie Intake:  1478

Daily Water Intake:  24

Daily Protein Intake:  49.5


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