“When God Looks at You”

How beautiful you are, my darling!  Oh, how beautiful! . . . like a lily among thorns. ~ Song of Songs 1:15, 2:2

Dear God,

Thank You that You see all the way through to my very core and You love every part of me.  Even when I am weak, selfish, or unattractive in spirit, You still call me Your beauty and beloved!  Because I know I am already lovely in Your sight, I can “work” on becoming even more so with confidence and joy.  Because You have called me beautiful, grant me the power and the courage today to believe it and to touch every person I meet with grace and hope.


~ from The Dieter’s Prayer Book ~

Oh, Lord, You’re beautiful

Your face is all I see

For when your eyes are on this child,

Your grace abounds to me.

~ from Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful by Keith Green

Definitely struggling with a headache today.  It may be because all I’ve had thus far is carbs/sugar.  I had granola cereal for breakfast and a bagel for an early lunch.  Oh, and my morning 4 oz. coffee/creamer/sugar drink.

Anyway – I have to get back to work.  “Lunch” break is over.  I had to take a short one today thanks to the morning commute issues.  I’m debating what to do mid-afternoon, as I don’t think I’ll make it through another 7 hours without some protein.

Still – small victory – no BK for lunch today!  I almost went, but decided to do my errands instead.  PTL!


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