“Thin for Thin’s Sake?”

Yup – that’s right, you’re looking at my lunch.  Yesterday’s lunch, to be more specific.  Today I ate BK.  Blecgh.  But let’s focus on yesterday!  It was absolutely delicious, and I spent the afternoon full, not stuffed/lethargic.  Today will not be so lovely, I’m thinking.  However, I’m getting back into the habit of bringing food to work for lunches!  I think I may keep cucumbers here, too, so I can occasionally splurge and have delicious cucumber water.  Oh. My.  The flavor such a simple vegetable brings to water. . . !

Anyway – on with the prayer post.

(Oh, and yes, that is the young Mr. Spock on my glass.  He is awesome.  That is all.)

Dear God,

If there’s one area where I need Your power it is in this area of right motivation!  I confess that more often than not I have mixed motives in my dieting quest.  I want to be healthy, yes, but I also want to be thin because thin is “better.”  You know I’m incapable of always having right motives.  But You, Lord, are able to purify me!  Guide me, remind me, redirect me, reveal the truth to me.  I offer You my heart, with all its tricky devices, and I ask You to cleanse it by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  May I pursue right motives because they matter to me, and because they matter to You.  Giver of wisdom and insight, Giver of every good gift, grant me wisdom and motives that come from a pure heart that I might glorify You in every way.


~ from The Dieter’s Prayer Book ~

Oh, how true this prayer is for me – always, not just today.  I so badly want to be thin, but not always for the right reasons.  They may be good things – but shouldn’t be the motivation for taking care of my earth-bound body.

Thank you for the truth & conviction today, Abba!


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