“The Trouble with Denial”

Because I am my Lord’s beloved child, I have the strength to say truthfully what I least want to admit about myself, and that is:

  • that I am a hypocrite.
  • that I play the victim constantly.
  • that I complain always.
  • that I am bitter toward God.
  • that I do not trust God.

Dear God,

Why is it so hard to face myself?  I imagine that I’m being honest, only to realize that I’m hiding a large corner of my heart from my own eyes.  Foolishly I imagine that I’m hiding it from Yours as well.  But, of course, You see everything.  You know everything about me.  “You perceive my thoughts from afar . . . . Before a word is only my tongue you know it completely” (Ps. 139:2,4).  Right now, Lord, I’m ready to look at whatever truth You want to reveal to me.  I know that when I choose to lie to myself, I deny You the chance to heal me and help me.  Thank You that You only want to help!  Thank You that whatever painful reality I must face, You will face it with me.  You understand.  You care.  You’re here.


~ from The Dieter’s Prayer Book ~


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