Dr.G – #2 – Lunch

So, according to our CC bill,  we spent $536.63 in a 30 day period on restaurants.

$536.63…!  That’s almost as much as we spent on rent.  That’s terrible.  Check out what we spent in a 12-month period:

Luckily… Dr. G’s “lesson” today notes the importance of packing a lunch.  In general, it results in a decrease of calories, but an increase in quality of calories consumed.  Plus it can get rid of all those leftovers I keep throwing away!  My sweet husband has promised to join me in the bag-lunch effort.  He reminded me this morning to pack a lunch before leaving for breakfast @ IHOP – haha!  Oh, the irony.  We decided, however, not to curtail our spending on restaurants when it was intentional relationship-building time, but rather to cut out the wasteful spending we (mostly I, I think)  have been doing.  IHOP this morning was a meeting with my prayer partner:  i.e. intentional relationship-building.

Oh, and a note on breakfast:  I couldn’t finish it!  Well, I could have, but I didn’t!  I was full, so I just stopped eating.  ‘Twas an odd sensation.  Now I’ve eaten about half of my packed lunch (leftover goulash, cottage cheese, yogurt & corn-on-the-cob), and I’m completely full.  Dessert doesn’t even sound enticing to me at the moment.

I hope I’m not getting sick – haha!


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