Motivation Update

So, I realized I haven’t really referenced any progress/regress on my motivation lists.  Methinks ’tis about time for an update!

Most of them are still where they were before.  This isn’t surprising to me because I haven’t really lost any weight since the Motivation page was written.  However. . . .

  • Wedding Ring:  fits!  It isn’t comfortable yet, but at least I can wear it on my ring finger most of the time.
  • Aggie Ring:  not so much
  • Knee Pain:  has disappeared.  I think I’d twinged it right before writing the list.
  • Daily Heartburn:  isn’t, well, daily anymore!  I think that’s due to eating less in volume.  As my diet continues to improve, I’m hoping that it goes away entirely.

So, that’s where I stand.  More changes to come!


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