Avoidance (Repeat, but not)

Again with the avoidance!

I went to a wedding this weekend.  One of the Hubby’s cousins was married.  It was an outdoor wedding – so beautiful, but so HOT.

I had no idea what I was going to wear to this shindig, considering I’m still living in the overweight version of my body.  That version, in case you couldn’t guess, overheats pretty quickly. . . . and not in the nice, feminine, “Oh, my, am I perspiring?  Do hand me a handkerchief, please!” style.  It’s not pretty.  Combined with the knowledge that all of my nice clothes are worn at work – in the air conditioning – and are designed more to retain warmth than hide any moisture had me panicking.

I found a pretty cute top, and paired it with my reliable black pants.  Check it out:


Anyway, that’s me – 6 lbs. lighter than my highest-ever weight.  Currently, I’m 222.4 going on 180.

Onward and upward!


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