Jerky Jerk-Face

I’m sure you know of the social networking monster that is Facebook.  I am one of the 500 million members of this exclusive club.  Like a lot of people, my FB “friends” are actually acquaintances from years past, for the most part.

One of these pseudo friends I know from college.  He was always a bit on the blunt side, but was always kind to me.  Of course, that was before I gained 50 lbs.

His status message today was this:

has a tip for fatties: stop drinking soda and making us all look bad.

One of the comments was:

and chomping on chips

Guess what I was doing when I read those?  Yup – drinking a soda and eating chips.  Granted, it was a small can of soda and a lunch-size bag of chips, plus my calorie intake for the day was pretty low.  Still.

My stomach dropped, I felt myself blush, and then I had a knee-jerk reaction to say something equally nasty and helpful, like

has a tip for obnoxious people:  stop talking and making us all look bad.

But. . . I didn’t.  I really wanted to, but I didn’t.  I haven’t talked to him in years, and I knew it wouldn’t be a positive thing for either of us.

So I un-friended him and came on here to complain about it.  😛  Not necessarily the most mature of solutions, but ’tis better than being a jerk to someone I barely know!


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