I’ve been a bit of a slacker in updating my Measurements page.  I altered the spreadsheet from the 10.10.10 scheme to reflect p90x dates.  Ignore the red numbers; the formulas are set up for a final viewing, so they’re referencing cells with nothing in them at the moment.

I should be supremely excited about today’s entry!  After all, it’s a 6.9 lb. loss!  However, I’d done an interim weigh-in on  Friday. . . . and it came to 218.4.  So, you can see why 221.5 was a bit disappointing this morning.

Again, it’s my own fault.  I got so excited about the prospect of having lost a full 10 lbs. that I relaxed.  I stopped watching what I was eating quite so closely.  However, I’m back on track today!  I overslept my morning workout, so I’m hoping to get at least 30 min. in tonight.  We’re meeting with friends for dinner, so it may be a bit ambitious, but that’s my current plan.

Until we meet again, faceless blog, Happy Trails to You!


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