Updated my measurements today!

I’m back to where I was a little over a week ago – and quite happy about it!  I didn’t get to take any measurements except weight this morning; I’ll have to do that tonight.  I did, however, add the initial measurements to my chart.  Even without this week’s data, I was slightly taken aback by how many inches I’ve already lost – 4.5 overall!  Wow.

Also, I’ve officially reached the 10 lbs. lost mark!  Therefore, I’ve decided to make a list of comparisons.  These things all weigh 10 lbs.:

  • my baby sister, at birth
  • a bag of sugar
  • 2 Chihuahuas
  • 5 racks of baby back ribs
  • a nice-sized bass
  • 2 huge bags of M&M’s

Apparently, I’m not the only one with this idea!

I do have one problem.  All three pairs of my work pants are too big in the waist. 😀


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