Day “30”

Day 30 of my p90x experience is fast approaching!  My measurements are finished and updated, but I haven’t taken a second set of photos yet.  I’m debating whether I will or not, actually.

See. . . I’ve been a bit of a slacker on the exercise front.  I think it’s a mental block or something.  Oddly enough, losing weight has made me un-motivated to work out!  However, I stalled out last week at a .5 lb loss, so I’m kicking my mental lazy bum into gear tonight.

It’s pretty amazing how much less. . . bloated I feel at 12.8 lbs. lighter.  I know it’s only a fraction of what needs to be lost, but WOW!  It’s wonderful!

On an un-related note, my sweet hubby is currently out of work.  surprisingly, I haven’t succumbed to stress-eating nearly as much as I expected.  Maybe I’m learning to trust God more?  Not sure on that one, just yet.


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