So, I’ve not been very successful in the realm of p90x.  The main issues are:

  1. Getting up early enough before work/prayer meetings
  2. Nausea, due to either obesity or breakfast choice
  3. Discouragement with my level of ability

My sweet husband is talking about starting a p90x regimen of his own.  I have mixed feelings about this, at the moment.  I don’t think he’ll start it anytime soon, but it’s proven easier for him to lose weight / get fit than it is for me in the past.  Facing another inadequacy is daunting from my current perspective.

Regardless of what the Hubs does, I’m at a loss on how to resolve the issues I’m having with exercise.  #1 seems like the easiest to resolve, since going to bed early would make getting up early easier, logically. . . but that theory hasn’t really proven true in application.  The past few weeks have been torturous when it comes to sleep.

#2 – well, I imagine after about 25 lbs. total loss, this one will partially go away.  Typically, oatmeal treats me well for breakfast.  It gives energy, but doesn’t weigh my stomach down, nor does it try to repeat on me quite so much10 minutes into a workout.

#3 – Again, this one should decrease over time.  But, that doesn’t help me any in the moment.  Having to stop the workout at the 15-20 minute mark, either because I’m lightheaded and can’t breathe, or because my joints hurt incredibly, is very discouraging.  Also, every day that I don’t work out, I feel guilty about everything, all day long.

Ok, so now for actual ideas:

  1. Early Rising – have Mom call me, like she did 3 years ago w/ LAF.
  2. Nausea – stick with oatmeal for breakfast; add water before workout.
  3. Discouragement – after each workout, no matter how short, list positives about it.  Instead of pushing to keep up w/ the p90x crew, pace myself through the entire DVD – even to the point of watching the last bit, instead of stopping it completely.

We shall see how this works out.  I’m pretty down again today, which taints my tone.


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