Did you just say ‘hello?’

No, I said ‘ ‘alo,’ but that’s close enough!

Yes, I did just quote that movie.  You know you love it.

Well, I’ve not done much in this corner of the blogosphere as of late, have I?  Why, you ask?  Well, because I’ve not done much outside this corner of the blogosphere.  I’ve not worked on eating healthy, or on exercising.  At all.

You want proof?  Just now, I ate 3 (count ’em – three) peanut butter cookies from Subway, and I’m drinking a 20 oz. Arnold Palmer to boot.

The rest of the day wasn’t so bad, though:

  • Breakfast:  organic maple sugar oatmeal & a medium apple; 4 oz. coffee w/ sugar/creamer
  • Lunch:  Healthy Choice Tomato Basil soup & one gigantic mango.
  • Snack:  (see above) & 1 handful candy corn/red hots
  • Supper:  chicken pot pie & a salad (planned ~ not yet consumed)

One of my friends committed to change two weeks ago, and is struggling now.  Ironically, her struggle has served to motivate me in the midst of my own struggle.

Further in and further up!


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