Um, oops.

Well, well, well.  Lookie, there – I still have a blog!

I’ve been an absolute slacker (Surprised?  No?  Hmmm.  Noted.) about weight loss this year.  The Hubby & I moved, and are re-modeling the new place.  It’s. . . in need of a lot of work, shall we say.

Then, lots and lots of my friends & family members decided 2011 is the perfect year in which to get married.  Two of those F&F threw me a bridal shower, and I’m repaying the favor.  Or, I’m planning to repay the favor.  Hopefully they like it enough to be considered a success!

All that to say – I ~consciously~ let life get busy without attacking weight loss.  My current weight is 212.  At least, I think it is.  That’s what it was last time I checked, but I have yet to unpack my scale.  Hopefully that’ll happen sometime this week!  The kitchen is scheduled to be set up this week, so it’s the perfect time to dig out the scale, too.  Cooking is one area that really needs improvement and intentional control.

Ok, so all the areas of my weight loss journey are currently in need of improvement and intentional control.

2011 positives:

  • bought new work pants because the size 18 ones I’d been wearing practically fell off my hips (and to think – they used to be snug!)
  • feel much much much better than 3 months ago
  • with the family gone, I feel like I have my husband back
  • I can see the stars at night
  • the living room is *nearly* clean enough to start p90x (w00t w00t)
  • my friends have dubbed our bedroom “mint chocolate” and our kitchen “banana pudding” – which makes my heart smile
  • the Hubs & I have been reading the Tanakh together most evenings
  • my work schedule is rearranged so I actually see the sun as I’m leaving
  • carpooling = HOV lane

2011 disappointments/challenges:

  • weight loss stalled thus far
  • not going to be at my goal weight for my sweet friends’ weddings
  • haven’t begun the exercise regimen
  • still having some communication troubles
  • missing my friends (have to drive at least an hour to see anyone)

The plan for the rest of the year?  Um. . . yeah. . . see, what had happened wuz. . .

It’s not ready yet.  Currently, I plan to click “publish.”  Next,  I plan to unpack the kitchen – and the scale.  After that, I plan to change the way I cook for 3 meals each week – and post links to the recipes here.

I’m not sure how to work in exercise.  I now have plenty of time in the evenings (!!!!), so that’s definitely the way to go.  The Hubs has always preferred evening workouts, so we may be able to start together.  p90x or taking walks?  Find a local soccer league?  Strength training?  So many options!

Anyway, hi.  That’s all for now.



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