Old but never published: Doctors & Nutritionists & Dietitians, Oh My!

Never finished, but throwing the partially thought-through info. out there anyway.  Full disclosure, right?

Doesn’t have quite the same cadence  as the Wizard of Oz chant, does it?  Oh, well – it was worth a shot!

Last Friday, I went to my first weight management appointment.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was good nonetheless.  I was actually on time – Whoop!  Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, for a first-time appointment with any doctor, you need to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early, to do the New Patient/Insurance/Privacy Policy paperwork.  So, in reality, I was 15 minutes late.  Sad day.  The administrative staff did tell me on the phone to arrive at 9:30, but I should have known better.  Actually I would have been on time, except for the pesky parking situation at that particular medical center.  I ended up using the valet services – ME!  Valet!  I’m way too cheap for that, but I was desperate.  I figured the $5 valet is much cheaper than a $100 towing fee.

Well, I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Here’s what I learned.  I am overweight (Yes, a real shocker).  I am not, however as overweight as I originally thought.  It seems that my goal of losing 70 lbs. is a bit unrealistic, and could actually be unhealthy.

I met with a Nutritionist/Dietitian named Rosemary for the first 1.5 hours, and with Dr. G for the last 30 min.  Rosemary reviewed the basics for me, and took my initial measurements.  I stood on a scale called “TANITA,” which is actually a machine that sends an electrical current through the body – in one foot and out the other.  It’s purpose is to provide a more detailed analysis of the body makeup – beyond the simple 222 lb. total.  TANITA told me the most important statistic – % Body Fat, among other things.  Now, I was prepared for it to be high – and high it was.  41.5%, to be exact.  According to TANITA & Dr. G, a healthy weight would bring me to approximately 30% – which, at my current body makeup, is about 183 lb.  Now, I realize you don’t know my complete weight gain/loss history, but 183 is what I weighed exactly 16 months ago – smack dab in the middle (or so I thought) of my last weight-loss attempt, and the time of my wedding/honeymoon.  I was definitely more fit then, but I felt that I had quite a ways to go.  That’s right about when I started gaining weight again, as well.


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