Going Public

Over the past few days I’ve been busily cleaning up around here, prepping for all of you.  Opening this little corner of the blogosphere to the world doesn’t come easily to me.  I’m a fairly private person. . . especially when it comes to things of which I am ashamed.

If you read through any of my old posts, you’ll realize just how many times I’ve thrown around the terms “new beginnings” and “re-commitment.”  Yes, I’ve been a flake.  Yes, that is something of which I am ashamed.

I truly desire to change my habits, and I’ve been teetering on the edge of overwhelmed for weeks.  My house is a wreck because I’m avoiding the chores.  I haven’t opened mail in at least a week.  I’ve needed to send something overseas for weeks, and just “haven’t gotten around to it.”

I’ve let months pass without even hinting at a post, never mind actual change.  Granted, some of the time-gaps are posts that I’ve taken down.  I used to use this forum as a personal journal, sort of, and that’s not appropriate material to just throw out there.

So, I’m hoping that the mere potential for others to see and comment on this journey will be a kick-start.

Also, I’ve started recording what I eat again.  Doing it on the computer just wasn’t working for me.  Maybe if I had a fancier phone, it would, but. . . alas, I do not.  The only internet access I have is tied to a desktop computer.  It’s far far far too easy to not get back on the computer after work!  So, I bought a 4×6, spiral bound book of index cards, and it seems to be working well.  The calorie count aspect of it is still difficult – again, the lack of internet access makes it hard to know what to put down when away from the computer.  Still, it’s progress!

It looks like I’m supposed to be eating around 1600 calories / day to lose weight, and that’s without any exercise.  If that aspect starts to ramp up, then so will the calorie intake allowance.

Anyway, welcome.  Thanks for dropping by – hope to see you again, and hoping when I do, you’ll see less of me!  😀