Well, I forgot my camera today, so I can’t do the photo collage.  I’d missed a few items anyway, but still.  So instead, here’s the calorie count spreadsheet I use:

The gray items are where I couldn’t find precise info, so used the averages I found on Calorie King.

It’s been crazy around here at lunch lately, so I missed Monday’s recording completely.  Nothing crazy or awful, just busy and it fell through the cracks of that back burner it was on – yesterday was actually the bad day.  And I’m posting it now!

The Hubby’s uncle dropped by last night; he’s starting p90x this week.  It made me realize how long it’s been since I’d planned to figure a system out where p90x works in our schedule/home.  The ceilings are pretty low, plus the whole house shakes when the washer runs, so working out inside isn’t a good option.  Hubby & I talked about getting an exterior outlet set up in the back yard, and I can carry a small TV out there.  Perhaps I’ll revisit that option tonight!


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