Do you ever feel trapped?

Trapped within a body that’s incapable.

Trapped within a job that you need.

Trapped within a perception of self.

Trapped within a routine.

Trapped within a role you’ve created for yourself.

Trapped within a pattern of thought.

Just. . . trapped?


I do.  All.  The.  Time.  Especially lately.  I’d love to follow that statement with an encouraging/affirming Bible verse or song lyric, but I’m more on the trapped side of things than the free side today.

Side note:  forgot to weigh-in this morning (woke up reeeeeeally late), so will do so Tuesday this week.  Hopefully things will be a bit calmer and I can get back to my photo grid posts.  Today’s is almost completed – just waiting on the supper photo.

Until tomorrow, then. . .


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