Water Count: 1

What can I say about yesterday?  Well, my calorie count wasn’t too high.  I hadn’t planned to eat any of the items on the bottom row.  Had I stuck with the plan, it’d have been 1,445 instead of the 1,808 you see above.  Although, it may be a bit lower, since I think I tossed most of that second cup of coffee down the drain.  Still, higher than I’d planned.

The Hubs called me out on not exercising last night.  He was kind about it – not at all irritated or disappointed.  It was just a gentle reminder that I’m not doing the things I desire to do, nor have I followed through on the commitment I’ve made.  I truly am blessed to have a husband who both loves me as I am and encourages me to change for the better.

He mentioned the fact that there is actually an exterior electrical outlet on the secondary house, and it’s even facing the back yard!  That, my friends, is wonderful news.  It means that all I need to do is find a box/crate/etc. to stick the TV on (. . . and find the TV itself, I suppose!), find the p90x DVD’s and equipment, and get started!

Tonight, I have to do laundry.  The other things I’d like to accomplish today are:

  • find p90x stuff listed above
  • Murphy’s oil visible portion of office floor
  • plan meals for the rest of the week, based on current pantry supplies
  • send/finish in-laws’ banking stuff
  • mail bills

On a positive note, I’m wearing a shirt today that was too tight only a few short months ago.  It’s a long-sleeved button-up shirt, so I haven’t tried it on since winter ended. . . but today was a dig-in-the-back-of-the-closet-because-there-are-no-other-clean-clothes day, and I took a shot.  It fit!  😀  Also, we’re a month into summertime, and my ring still fits!


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