I’m drowning in negativity – self-inflicted, repetitive, damaging, pointless negativity.  And yet, I can’t seem to stop sucking it in (and spewing it out, for that matter).

I get up in the morning and I’m already choking back despair and frustration.  I sit at my desk and fight tears back daily.  I lost this morning.  I think I freaked my desk-neighbor out – haha.  Guys don’t seem to “get” the crying thing.

Not sure what the point of this post is, I guess.  Just. . . thinking aloud.

Yesterday was full of celebration stuff, and I didn’t get photos of much of the food.  I’m not really feeling up to doing two days worth of calorie counting (it’s amazing how much time it actually takes – when the foods are new and don’t come with already printed nutrition information), so here’s what I ate yesterday:

  • small slice of Italian cream cake
  • coffee w/ creamer/sugar
  • pork vermacelli
  • 3 pieces shrimp tempura sushi roll
  • 1 piece spicy Cajun sushi roll
  • small slice of Italian cream cake (yes, a 2nd one)
  • 1/2 order tortellini alla panna
  • 1 knotted bread roll w/ butter
  • Water count: 2

Bad day, I know.


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