FMM….a bit late

Better late than never?  Meh – regardless, perhaps next Monday I’ll do this on time.  (Friend Making Monday Courtesy of Kenlie from All the Weigh.)

The Last Thing:

  1. What is the last book you readHeaven is for Real by Todd Burpo w/ Lynn Vincent.  Excellent book, and a very quick read.  I finished it within one afternoon.
  2. What was the last movie you saw in a theaterThe Help. . . along with everyone else and their dog, apparently!  I’d read the book on a recommendation from my Mom; loved the book, liked the movie.  That’s typically the way I am, though.  Still – I thought Minnie’s character was spot on!
  3. Briefly describe the last person you saw today:  male, tall-ish, brown hair, blue eyes, hilarious, kind.
  4. Which store did you most recently shop in:  um. . . Walmart, I believe.  I pretty much loathe shopping in all its forms.
  5. Who is the last person that you spoke to on the phone:  the Hubs 🙂
  6. Where is the last place you vacationed:  Minnesota.
  7. When was the last time you kissed someone of the opposite sex:  this morning – gotta get in that goodbye kiss!
  8. The last thing that made you laugh:  the Hubs’s comments during the chick flick we were watching last night – funny, funny man I’ve married!
  9. What’s the latest app that you downloaded onto your phone:  HA – I don’t have a smart phone.  Take that, technology.
  10. What is the last kind thing you did for someone:  I’m not sure that it counts, but I gave small thank-you gifts to coworkers for some non-work help they’d given me. . .

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