Weighed in this morning at 213.0 – and was not happy about it.  Granted, it’s that time of month, so I’m retaining water ‘n’ all that jazz, but still.  I didn’t do anything crazy this past week – no binging, little eating out. . . what gives?

Then I moved the scale into the living room and tried again – 214.1.  What?!  I thought at least the front half of the house was level enough to get an accurate reading.  Apparently, I was wrong.

I’m not sure what to do, now.  I guess I can switch to moving the scale outside, onto the sidewalk.  Or I could bring it to the office and weigh-in there, but it won’t be an equivalent comparison at first – typically I weigh in right when I get up, before eating breakfast.  That’d only matter for a few weeks, though.

Anyway, just a “hey, I’m still here, just not feeling the whole writing everything out” note.

Happy trails, everyone.


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