Christmas Dress Countdown – Week 1

Well, I’m not a full-fledged participant in the CDC challenge, as I completely missed the entry deadline. . . but who says I can’t audit the class, right?  So, here’s my plan:

Priority #1:  “Do-It”

  1. Starting Weight:  213.2 lbs.
  2. Smaller sized dress:  Size 14I haven’t found the actual dress yet; haven’t had a chance to look, since I came into this a bit late.  I may even raid the closet – I’ve been keeping some dresses with sentimental value that I no longer fit into.  It’d probably mean more to get back into one of those than to get a new one.  Plus, it’d be less expensive. . . which is always a consideration w/ the Hubs still looking for work.
  3. Daily caloric limit:  1600.  I’m going to try tracking via  It seems to be a pretty fluid interface, which is of utmost importance to me – haha.  The trick will be getting in front of the computer at the end of every single day.
  4. Exercise Plan (3 times per week minimum):  walk with the Hubs once a week and maybe an altered pace of p90x. . .?
  5. Strive for consistency:  I shall try!
  6. Hydrate sufficiently:  80 oz. per day
  7. Reading List: TBD – I’m still looking – any suggestions would be wonderful!  I will likely re-read Heaven Is For Real at some point during the challenge.
  8. Initial post on 9/11/2011:  um. . .you’re reading it!
  9. 2 weekly posts – one must be on Sundays, and must include weight:  K, will do.
  10. Link to Sunday posts Weekly Challenge Check In:  Well, as I’m not an official member, I don’t know that this applies.
  11. Be supportive of other challengers:  Yes, ma’am.
  12. Do. Not. Quit.

Priority #2:  Suggested Goals

  1. Use your online gift:  I’m not sure what mine is, truly.  In my other blog, I lean toward recipes, simply because it’s a “safe” thing to write about.  That’s not really the point here, though.
  2. Become a quick bounce back-er:  Key word:  forgive.
  3. Pre-9/11/2011 preparation:  um. . . missed that one!  I’ll have to roll it into start-up prep.
  4. Don’t forget your leader is a frail human:  Done, and done!  🙂
  5. Check with your doctor & pros as needed:  Not sure about this one.  My past experiences with dietitians / nutritionists hasn’t been very positive.  Of course, I have only been to see one.  We shall see!
  6. Work on having faith in yourself:  Not sure about this one, either.  It’s not that I’m doubting the ability or drive to complete this challenge – though I know it will be just that, a challenge – but the direction of said faith’s placement.  In my pithy little “about me” section, I note that one of the things I struggle with is faith.  I tend to rely on myself, to place my faith in what I can/must do.  That’s a big part of how I got to this point in life, and in this struggle to regain health.  I think, for me, I’ll adjust this goal to be “reconnect with Yahweh.”

Well, there you have it!  Shall we begin?


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