CDC Day 3

Today’s going to be a tough one, I can tell.  I forgot my glasses at home this morning.  Without them, I’m pretty well assured a splitting headache will develop by noon.  Oh, looky there – it’s noon!  And I have a headache!  Boo.

Also, I’ll have to amend my calorie count total.  I’d plugged in the wrong activity level into LiveStrong, so I was planning to eat more calories than I need to, you know, lose weight – ha!  The new goal count is 1400.  Once I get my rear in gear on the exercise plan, I’ll reassess.  I’ve already consumed 900 (yes, I’ve eaten lunch) for the day.  1400 seems so low!  Oiy.

A random encouraging thought that occurred to me while walking through the office this morning:  my goal of losing 1.5 lbs. / week would put me at 192 lbs. just before Christmas.  Hubs and I are really hoping to take a trip around that time overseas, to a place where the main method of travel is. . . well, your feet!  So, if I do start that trip at 190 lbs., I have a really really really good chance of losing 5-10 more while there, not to mention having a consistent lifestyle habit of movement well underway!  (If you’re thinking I’m planning to wait until the trip to start the movement-movement, no worries – I hope to get that plan set up at the end of this week.  It’s deadline week, and that means no time to think, never mind consider options and set schedules up.)

Can I just say – WOW.  That.  Would.  Be.  GREAT.

Correction:  That will be great!

Onward & upward, my friends.


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