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I mentioned on Sunday that I was struggling, that it was a tough day.  Well, so was yesterday, though for entirely different reasons.

When my in-laws moved overseas, the Hubs and I inherited their dogs.  Now, I’ve never had dogs before.  The only pets I’ve had were two fish, one of which died within a week. . .not that I’d have gotten attached to a fish, anyway!

I did, however, get very attached to these two:

Yesterday, they were coming home from our neighbors across the street, and someone hit them.  Both of them.  Duke (the Boxer-y black mutt in the first picture) died immediately, but my sweet Dixie girl (the Blue Heeler) survived the night.  This morning, she slipped away too.

This is how I remember them – Dixie intent on the task at hand, playing with her people because she loves them, and Duke intent on. . .well, running!  And the unbridled joy and sense of adventure that comes with it.  Sometimes the Hubs would only have to say his name a few times, and he’d get so excited he just couldn’t stand to not be running – and off he’d go!

Oh, how I miss their sweet presence, and they’ve only just left.


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