CDC Week In Review

Well, this past week was a really rough one.  I had a deadline at work, a cold, and then we lost our dogs to an inattentive/sadistic driver (not sure which).

The deadline is done – and the next one looms starting tomorrow.  The cold is lingering, but thankfully fading.  The dogs. . .well, I miss them much more than I realized I could.  I had no idea how quickly and fiercely they’d work their way into my heart.

  1. Weigh-In:  209.6 lbs.
  2. Dress:  Size 14
  3. Daily caloric limit:  Um. . . yeah.  I haven’t tracked at all this week.  Between being sick and my pups, I just haven’t spent the energy there.
  4. Exercise Plan:  nonexistent this week, unless you count helping the Hubs dig Dixie’s grave.  I don’t.
  5. Strive for consistency:  Eeeek.
  6. Hydrate sufficiently:  was less on the water, more on the juice.  I still did pretty well getting fluids in, though.  Thank you, Mr. Cold.
  7. Reading List: I want to find Made to Crave, but didn’t get to the library.  It’s on my week-night list of things to accomplish Monday/Tuesday.
  8. Be supportive of other challengers:  I’ve been reading everyone’s posts, but haven’t been commenting.  Sometimes it’s just the knowledge that someone may read that keeps me accountable to what I say, but I realize that’s not exactly the point of this item.
  9. Do. Not. Quit.  I’m still here.

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