CDC Mid-Week Post: The Dress!

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to digging through the closet for used-to-fit Christmas dress options, and here are the two I settled on:


I much prefer the first option – the black dress.  It’s the dress I wore to several of my friends’ and some now-family members’ weddings about 5 years ago.  The problem is, it’s a size 12. . . and my goal is to get to a size 14 by 12/18/11.  And no, if you’re wondering, it does not zip up completely right now!

The second option is the green shirt and patterned skirt.  The skirt is the right size for the challenge, but the shirt is a medium.  Again, not sure that a size 14 = medium. . .but I didn’t really think wearing nothing in the photo would be even remotely appropriate!  When I’m successful in fitting into the patterned skirt, I’ll wear something with it, I assure you.

I’m on the way to feeling better; I imagine my appetite will return soon.  With it returns the battle!  While I’m sick, even emotional eating doesn’t appeal to me.

Aaaaand in the interest of full disclosure, last night the Hubs and I had pizza.  I’d been craving it for quite a while.  I ate more than I should have (3 slices), but it hasn’t derailed me completely.  Today, I’ve eaten about 600 calories thus far:

  • my morning coffee
  • strawberry yogurt
  • roast beef sandwich with cucumbers & Roma tomatoes on it
  • steamed broccoli
  • 4 glasses of water

Tonight, I plan to make quiche and a side salad for dinner.

Onward and upward, my friends!



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