CDC Week 3 Review – Late Post

Weigh-In:  211.2. . .I think?  Or 210.4.

So, yeah – sorry I missed the posting deadline, friends.  Sunday was the Hubs’ s birthday, and I completely forgot to get on the scale.  How nice to not have that number hovering over me for a few hours.  Then, last night, the Hubs pretty much monopolized the computer, and we only have one PC. . .so here I am!

I’m somewhat at a loss with respect to weigh-ins.  As it is, I bring my scale outside to the sidewalk, because I thought it was level there.  Then, this morning, I moved it a foot or so, and got two very different readings.  What?!  So I took the higher one, to be “safe.”

Anyway, last week was pretty bad.  I was not consistent, I didn’t get (or even choose) a book, I didn’t track my horrid food choices. . . just meh.  This week is another deadline week, and thus far I’ve not made good choices regarding CDC/health in general.

  1. Weigh-In:  211.2
  2. Smaller sized dress:  Haven’t tried it on since this day.
  3. Daily caloric limit:  Didn’t track; probably hovered around 1800-2000.
  4. Exercise Plan (3 times per week minimum):  Yeah, not so much.  Not at all, in fact.
  5. Strive for consistency:  Well, I was consistent. . .consistently awful!
  6. Hydrate sufficiently:  approximately half the goal met, I think.
  7. Reading List: TBD – I’m still looking. . .
  8. Be supportive of other challengers:  I’ve read everyone’s posts, but haven’t been commenting much.
  9. Do. Not. Quit.  Hiccup, yes.  Quit, no.

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