CDC Week 4 Review – Late Post

Missed the posting deadline again.  No excuse, other than avoidance.  Crappy, crappy, crappy week.

  1. Weigh-In:  213.4  (Starting Weight:  213.2)
  2. Smaller sized dress:  Haven’t tried it on since this day.
  3. Daily caloric limit:  Didn’t track; probably hovered around 1800-2000.
  4. Exercise Plan (3 times per week minimum):  Yeah, not so much.  Not at all, in fact.
  5. Strive for consistency:  Well, I was consistent. . .consistently awful!
  6. Hydrate sufficiently:  approximately half the goal met, I think.
  7. Reading List: TBD – I’m still looking. . .
  8. Be supportive of other challengers:  I’ve read everyone’s posts, but haven’t been commenting much.
  9. Do. Not. Quit.  Hiccup, yes.  Quit, no.

Battling feelings of worthlessness again lately.  Seeing essentially a back-to-the-beginning weight this morning didn’t help.  Granted, it’s not unexpected, considering I’ve done nothing to impact calories burned.

You know how sometimes it’s just as if nothing matters?  Every moment feels like it takes a week, and all you want to do is just curl up in a ball and sleep.  Sleep means not having to face what I’ve become.  Sleep means not struggling, not pretending my smiles are genuine.

Sometimes it’s exhausting to just be.

That’s where I am now.  I pray it doesn’t last long this time around.


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