Wow.  A full month without posting.  Again.

I’ve lost no weight at all in the past 30 days.  I’ve gain a few pounds and lost them again.  I lost steam with the CDCC.  Just reading all of those updates. . . I couldn’t keep up.  I’m about to cut them out of my subscription list, even.

Sadly, few of them were even remotely encouraging.  I kept getting bogged down by lists of food and/or exercise regimen recordings.  As much as I love to make lists, reading them isn’t my thing.

{Aside:  I just got an IM from my sweet husband, which has improved my outlook on life significantly.  It was nothing earth-shattering, but just his ability and desire to make me smile on a day that he knows is a rough one. . . well, it makes me smile!}

I’m not really up for addressing why I’ve been absent.  At a glance, it’s been lack of motivation and/or being overwhelmed with other aspects of life.

I’m really just checking in, saying “hey, I’m alive.”


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