And now, it’s time for. . . Friend Making Monday!

(courtesy of Kenlie from All the Weigh)

Bedroom Habits:

  1. Do you set an alarm clock? If so, for what time? Indeed, or I’d never make it to work on time!  It’s set for 5:30 AM.
  2. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night?  I probably average 7 hours a night; with my earlier-bedtime-goal, hopefully that’ll jump to 8-9, though.
  3. Do you bring your laptop to bed? Nope.  I tend to stay up waaaay too late, but accomplishing nothing, when I spend late-night time on the computer.  I do keep a book (or twelve) on the bedside table, though.
  4. How many pillows do you require to sleep? Just the one.
  5. Do you sleep with socks on? Goodness, gracious, no.  I have to keep one foot out from under the covers most months, just to keep from feeling suffocated!
  6. How often do you change the sheets? Weekly, pretty much.
  7. Do you remember your dreams? Somewhat, though usually only bits and pieces.  They’re typically pretty random, so Hubs gets a kick of out hearing them.
  8. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?  The left.  Though that could mean either side, depending on if you’re standing at the foot of the bed looking down, or laying on the bed looking out. So, ha – now you’ll never know!
  9. How often do you take naps? Just when I’m sick, really.  Or absolutely worn out.  Any other naps seriously mess with my sleep schedule.
  10. Do you sleep soundly?  Um. . . more so now than when I was younger.  If I’m hot, cold, or stressed, though, all bets are off.

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