30 before 30

Well, I’ve seen this a few different places, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Some of these may not exactly work together well within the same time span (see #1 & 2, for instance!).  I figure I have at least until my birthday to finalize the list, though, so. . . here goes nothing:

  1. Lose 30 lbs. (not losing/regaining the same 5)
  2. Try for a pregnancy.
  3. Remodel bathroom & laundry room.
  4. Run 1 mile, continuously.
  5. Go to an Aggie football game.
  6. Hand-pick strawberries. . .or apples.
  7. Purchase & hang blinds/curtains throughout house.
  8. Host a family (birthday?) party.
  9. Make a family birthday/anniversary calendar (not year-specific).
  10. Take a hiking trip with Hubby.
  11. Get a puppy.
  12. Plant a garden.
  13. Make our last will & testaments.
  14. Take a weekend trip with friends.
  15. Organize our photos.
  16. Decorate the house.
  17. Sit by a campfire.
  18. Sew a blanket.
  19. Have my college t-shirt quilt made.
  20. Reach out to M.
  21. Give away something I truly value.
  22. Read (not re-read) one “classic.”
  23. Learn to sew a button and hem a dress/pants successfully.
  24. Learn to make sushi rolls.
  25. Read the Bible, cover to cover.
  26. Watch the sun rise over a lake/ocean.
  27. Dance in the field.
  28. Get on the organ donor list.
  29. Make Gramma’s angel food cake & homemade strawberry jam.
  30. Perform 30 random (and anonymous) acts of kindness.

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