And now, it’s time for. . . Friend Making Monday!

(courtesy of Kenlie from All the Weigh)

What’s in Your Bag?

  1. keys to ALL the things
  2. business card holder, complete with business cards
  3. camera
  4. SD card reader
  5. old (full) SD cards
  6. cough drops (still getting over that cold. . . lame)
  7. pack of Trident, with one piece left in it
  8. a single black felt-tipped pen
  9. checkbooks
  10. passports & safety deposit box key (wow, I really need to get to the bank. . .)
  11. wallet
  12. a buuuuuunch of gift cards
  13. one of the Hub’s paychecks (yup, really need to get to the bank!)
  14. mini-planner
  15. glasses case, with a note my sweet husband wrote me 6 years ago still tucked inside
  16. headache kit (ibuprofen & peppermint oil, which really works – try it!)
  17. “beauty” kit – nail file, 3 tubes of chapstick/lipgloss, mini-hairbrush, tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, other girl-stuff

. . .and all this after I downsized my purse and purged the inventory just a few months ago.  Wow!


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