on the edge

Rough one today.  I’m so stressed at work, I’m once again battling tears.  Men don’t get tears, how they’re just a sign of emotion – frustration, anger, feeling overly warm.  And I work with a buuuuuunch of men.

So I decide to take a break, check e-mail and FB for a few minutes of distraction, since I’m skipping lunch.  Aaaaand, babies.  Freaking babies everywhere.  Please, for the love of ANYONE who is not a parent, talk about something else every once in a while.  Anything else!  Post a picture of moldy cheese, for all I care.  Just. . . not another picture of your girl’s new headband, or “oh look – here’s a video of him making cute noises!”  AAAAH! Please, please, please remember who you are outside of being a parent.  You have likes, dislikes, quirks that are unique to you and have nothing to do with your child’s development process.

I get it, kids change your life.  I just don’t have any of them, so I “wouldn’t understand.”  I know, you love them.  They are precious, they are a gift.  I know that, and I’m really and truly very happy you all have them in your lives.  But, please remember. . . .they’re not all there is to life.

Also, don’t anyone tell me to “enjoy my sleep while I can.”

Maybe I’ll just close my FB account.


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