Just a quick weight-loss related post.  An accountability check-in, of sorts.

I’m starting to work out again, starting to move around more throughout the day, too.  When I brush my teeth, I do calf raises.  Every time I use the restroom, I do lunges / squats before heading back to the desk.  I did a 30 minute stretch DVD last night (easy peasy, and not exactly challenging, I know).

Mom said I could use one of their bar stool-style chairs if I want to transform my workspace to a standing desk setup.  I know, I know – you’re supposed to stand at a standing desk.  But, it’s not good to be on your feet all day, either!  Hence the bar stool option.  I could switch back and forth, and hopefully have the best of both worlds.  Just need to figure out how to raise my monitors, keyboard & mouse, and make sure it’s ok with my boss.  I work in a design industry, and he designed our office, so. . .fingers crossed!

Anyway, I’ll have more coming later.

Onward and Upward, friends.


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