30 before 30: #26

#26. Watch the sun rise over a lake/ocean.

Date accomplished:  6/26/2012 & 6/27/2012

I went on vacation last week.  A trip to see my extended family – one of the things I look forward to every year.

Most years I content myself with day- or night-hours spent lakeside; I don’t think I’d ever seen the sun rise there.  It was very lovely, and so peaceful.  I just watched, listened.

There was mist spilling across the water.  The loons were calling each other.  There’s a bald eagle who lives somewhere along the shore, and he was out flying.  In the reeds, fish made little splashes when they came up for breakfast.  The air was cool, so cool – I tucked my feet beneath me because my toes were so chilly.

I didn’t think about much.  I just listened and watched (and photographed).  It’s one of those things that I could feel feeding my soul, soothing my mind.  So beautiful, so necessary.

Then I did it again the next day, but with my Mom. 🙂


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