And now, it’s time for. . . Friend Making Monday!

(courtesy of Kenlie from All the Weigh)

Finish the Sentence

  • I like…coffee.
  • I don’t like…waiting on software endlessly.
  • I am…exhausted, and slightly irritable this morning.  Must be worried about tomorrow’s meeting.
  • I love…the Hubs!
  • I dream of…days spent differently.
  • I wonder…if I’ll ever truly change.
  • I know…that I am blessed.
  • I went…to a Ranger’s game the other day.  Great evening!
  • I have…little patience – something I also hope changes.
  • I think…the Facebook Effect kills relationships slowly.
  • I plan…to have a plan.  Ha!
  • I regret…allowing this depression-esque thing to hold so much sway over the last few years.
  • I do…sing and dance in the car.  Makes the commute entertaining ‘n’ all that jazz.
  • I drink…coffee, tea, water, juice, nectar…
  • I wish…I spent less time on the highway.
  • I am…an Aggie.  Whoop!
  • I am not…a t-sip.  sssssssssss
  • I need…this roof plan to work!
  • I hope…for a grateful spirit.
  • I want…children.
  • I sometimes…read three books at once.
  • I always…smile when I think of my Gramma.
  • I can…bake chocolate chip cookies like you wouldn’t believe….something for which my sweetheart is thankful!
  • I cannot…predict the future.
  • I will…practice thankfulness.  Thanks for the inspiration, Ann.

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