Food Curfew

This is something I’d enacted once upon a time. . .in the days I thought I was overweight and/or feared becoming so (family history).  At the time, it wasn’t necessary.  Nor was it the smartest thing to do, since I was really active and burning all the calories I consumed.  Also, I tended to get home pretty late, and missed supper a lot because of this policy.

Long story short, I passed out pretty frequently while getting ready in the morning – and I still have the scars to prove it.


Now, not so much.  Now, it’d be a good thing.

So – no eating after 8:00 PM.

The hard days will be the ones during deadline weeks (like, um. . .now).  By the time I finish making dinner, it’s usually 8:30 PM.  We’ll see if I can convince Hubs it’s a good idea to skip a meal on those days.  If I have a glass of juice, though, he may not balk.  We do a day-long fast every week, so he knows from personal experience that missing a few meals won’t kill your ability to function the next day.

Anyway, we shall see!  Aaaand, because posts are always better with pictures:

Oh yes, we did win this game.  Whoop!

Peace out, friends.





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