30 before 30: #11

#11.  Get a puppy.

Date accomplished:  9/12/2012

So, I’m not really a “pet” person.  I didn’t grow up with them, unless you count a couple of beta fish.  When Hubs and I moved to our current house, we inherited two dogs from the previous owners (they’re family – it’s not like some random seller left their animals behind!).

I loved those dogs.  So much.  And then we lost them.

We didn’t really want to get more dogs until we had our fence situation fixed.  Duke & Dixie ran across the road between our house and the neighbors’ all the time, and that’s how they died.  Someone hit them (yes, both of them).

Wow; I didn’t realize I was still so sad about losing them until I started typing that.

Anyway, on Monday evening, as I’m pulling into the driveway from work, Hubs is walked toward me with this adorable grin he has.  It’s the one that means he has something to show me, some surprise for me, or some project he’s been working on.  It’s one of my favorite smiles.

On his heels was this sweet girl:

She appears to be about a year old, and is super friendly.  Definitely high energy!

So, we talked about it. . .thought, yes – this will be a good time to start the whole dog thing again.  We’ll just fix the fence this weekend, and try to keep her penned up until then.

The next day, one of Hubs’ cousins comes by.  Apparently, another dog has been abandoned on our road – were we interested in keeping him too?

Um. . .how adorable is he?  But. . .two dogs?  Two puppies, no less?  Hmmm . . .

But, they seem to get along well, and they’re just so sweet.

So – I think we have two dogs!  Off to the vet we go. . .


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