This does NOT make me smile.  In fact, I’m scowling at it right now.  I’m scowling at myself, my lack of get-‘er-done-ness.  This goes completely against Number 1.

Must make a plan.  Must follow said plan.

Considering Weight Watchers. . .which I’ve never done before.  For some reason, I’ve always had this idiotic thought that joining WW would mean that I’ve failed.  Like it’d be admitting I can’t hack it.  The need to be capable, self-sufficient, etc. is ingrained in me so deeply.

But, I have failed.  I am not self-sufficient.  I do need accountability.  The only other time I had that was with First Place, and it worked.

Hold the phone, people.  I didn’t think there was a FP group anywhere near the new homestead (incidentally – can I really still call it new if we’re approaching the two year mark?).  But, just now, I did a search.  And there is.  Well, at least according to their website.  No clue if the group(s) are still active.

Iiiiiiiinteresting. . .


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