WW Meeting No. 1

So, I went to my first WW meeting last night.  It was interesting.  A good thing, of course, just new for me.  I think I’ll be able to connect with at least a few of the people there.  It was a sizable group, but mostly women.  There were only two men, and I believe both were there with their wives.  They’re part of the program, too – doing it as a couple, a team.

I’ve not had the chance to read through the Points Plus booklet, but thus far it seems pretty straight forward.  I’m already getting into the habit of recording everything online, though it’s just been to track what I’m currently doing.  I’ve not yet shifted into high gear.  Today’s the day, though.

Well, short post that says almost nothing, I know. . .but, lunchtime was filled with errands and coworker distractions, so.  Yeah.  Back at it.



  1. I’ve never done the “meetings” before since I did my WW online, but I’m sure it will be a great motivation for you to meet on a regular basis with people who going through the exact same challenges as you are. Surrounding yourself with other people focusing on being healthy can be a great motivation! Kuddos on your first day.


  2. Thanks, Tammy – I’m really looking forward to it. Still – small town TX weight loss group. . .could make for some interesting evenings! Haha 🙂 There were a few people there who were in maintenance, too – so it looks like a good mix of beginners, in-the-trench-ers, and the ones who are saying, “yes! It CAN be done!”.

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