And now, it’s time for. . . Friend Making Monday!

(courtesy of Kenlie from All the Weigh)

Quick and Random

  1. Choose three songs that would be on the soundtrack of your life. – Oh, my – I have no idea!  Come Thou Fount would likely be one, though.
  2. Share the details of one project that you’re currently working on. 30 Before 30 (probably going to hit up the window coverings next. . .pretty sure my soon-to-be-arriving house guests would appreciate that.)
  3. If you could learn to do one thing overnight what would it be? – speak another (living) language; probably Spanish, considering where I live.
  4. If you could be a fictional character which one would you be? – Lucy, from the Chronicles of Narnia.  I understand her desire to be loved and beautiful, and wish to have a soft heart like hers.
  5. What’s your favorite thing about the month of October? – All the pumpkins everywhere!  I love the sight and smell of pumpkins.  They’re so overwhelmingly Autumn.
  6. Share one TV show that you’re embarrassed to admit you watch.  Well, I don’t watch anything regularly (with the exception of Fringe), but occasionally. . .NCIS LA.  I know, I know.  Awful.  But Hetty makes me laugh!
  7. Name one friend that you’re thankful to have in your life today.  Natasha – the woman is hilarious, and has such a sweet spirit.  She sees people, and listens to what they say (and to what they don’t).
  8. What was the most relaxing part of your weekend?  – Down time with Hubs after church last night.
  9. Do you like to dance? – Well, I have no rhythm, so. . .not really.
  10. Share one thing that you’re looking forward to before the end of the year. – My family all being together twice.  Love the holidays!


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