Victory is mine!

Minor victory this morning:  I didn’t go to the doughnut shop.  Granted, I always get a kolache or ham & Swiss croissant sandwich, but believe me – fat content on those are sky high.

Why do I consider this a victory?  Well, I had a rough little bout of “I hate this/myself.  Why am I even trying?  Can’t I just go home?” this morning.  Normally I run away from my computer and eat something to distract myself.

But not today!  I whined to myself, then basically said: Self – get over it.  Nothing you can do in this moment will change your circumstances.  Which, by the way, are pretty good.  So, just move on.  And when you can, make change happen.  But a croissant will not do that for you.

And then I did.  🙂


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