30 before 30: #14

#14.  Take a weekend trip with friends.

Date accomplished:  10/13-14/2012

The strangest thing has happened since I started this 30 Before 30 thing.  Opportunities have just popped up . . .out of the blue.  I mean, completely unsolicited my Hubs or myself.  And they’re items on my list!  It’s delightful.

There’s a couple at our church who graduated from A&M a year or so after us.  They’re pretty cool, these two.  A while back, they randomly asked us if we wanted to take a road trip to the A&M – LA Tech game in Shreveport.  Um, yes!  Yes we would, thank you very much.

So that’s where we were this weekend.  We didn’t do any gambling, so luckily that wasn’t on my bucket list.  😛

We took a really laid back approach.  K had found a few restaurants online she wanted to try, and we knew we had to be at the game by 6:00 or so to ensure parking; other than that, we didn’t have any plans.

We stopped by the Air Force base because there was a free flight museum.  It was pretty funny to see how many other Ags had found their way there as well.  I’ve not said “Howdy” so much for years!

Cool, huh?  Tell me I’m not the only one who thought of Transformers when they saw this.

The (type of) plane that dropped the atomic bomb.  Can you imagine having been the pilot flying that mission?  I’m not sure how I’d have handled that.

This is a nosing.  A nosing.

Aaaand, there they are!  My Ags, getting ready to play.

We sat pretty close to the band, which made it lots of fun.  There were several students around us, so the immediate atmosphere was much like Kyle Field.  That made it Lots of fun!!

Yes, that is our quarterback lined up as a receiver.  It was almost disastrous.  What a stressful play.  Kudos to Johnny Football, though – he was the one who finally tackled the would-be-fumble-thief. . . halfway down the field.

Whew.  That was entirely too close for comfort.  Literally came down to the last couple of plays.  We were all a bit tense!

Still one of my favorite parts of the game:  the nationally famous Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band!  Sorry about the wind and glare – I’m not the best of videographers.  🙂


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