WW – Week 1 Recap

Image from WeightWatchers.com

Well, thus far I’m really liking the WW user interface.  It’s pretty easy to just jump right in – and no actual calculating!  Yay technology.  Now if only I had a smart phone. . .

This week, I decided to do more of an audit of my current eating trends.  I’m completely unfamiliar with the points system (old or plus), so there’s zero frame of reference in terms of how much I’ve been consuming.  Turns out I’m within the suggested range for my current weight/height.  Hmmm.  I’m thinking I’ll probably be one of those people for whom the weekly points allowance is off limits.

No big deal – I knew my eating and exercise habits would have to change, no matter what the PPV recommendations were.  Obviously eating this way is maintenance level for me.  I’ve been the same weight (within a few pounds) for over a year now.

My weigh-in at home yesterday read 205.5.  Last week, the WW scale value was about 1/2 lower than the home one.  We’ll see if that holds true tonight, too.

Oh, by the way:  205.5 is a brand spankin’ new low for me.  I’ve not seen that number in at least two years.  Yeeeeeeesssssss!  Now, I’m looking forward to seeing the other side of 200.

Onward and Upward, friends!


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  1. *fingers crossed* good luck! I’m about 15 pounds heavier than you, so seeing you break through that 200 pound mark will help inspire me to do the same! When I was on WW I didn’t usually use the entire 49 point allowance (except for holidays), but on Sundays I did allow myself to borrow from it a little so my body had a “treat” that helped me stick to the program another week.

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