Ooookay.  So, remember how I was all excited about getting puppies?  Well.  They certainly made my life more interesting this past weekend.

Here’s what happened.  We’re in the midst of house renovations, right?  Well, on Sunday, my Mom came to help me try to refinish the tub.  (Which, by the way, didn’t work.  And now I’m at a loss.  And company is coming to stay with us in a couple weeks.  Hmmm.)

Hubs left to go look at a bull we may be buying, since the last one we had didn’t have enough *ahem* gumption to get the job done.

Anyway, that meant it was just Mom and I at home with the pups.  Since we’re gone so much during the week, we try really hard to let them roam most of the weekend.  They both take full advantage of this, believe me.

We were getting to a part of the project where I’d need to be inside for a while, so I went to give them each a rawhide bone.  L.D. comes running up to me, in all his cuteness, and I give him his rawhide.  He promptly freaks out in excitement, and tears into his treat.

Cinnamon is laying in the field next to the yard, and simply will not come when I call her.  So, I go to get her.  When she sees me coming, she runs toward me.

Aaaand that’s when I notice she has something in her mouth.

What was it, you ask?

It was a snake!  A SNAKE.  I hate snakes with every fiber of my being.  They are AWFUL.  And creepy.  And terrifying.  And AWFUL.

So I’m yelling at Cinnamon to get AWAY from me already, but of course now she’s all intent on coming to me.  L.D. thinks this is a super exciting game, so he’s basically running around my feet, and I’m trying not to trip because I just know that Cinnamon will drop that thing on me if I do.

What did I do?  I ran.  I mean, I booked it as fast as possible back to the house.  Cinnamon gives chase, with that stupid snake flopping around in her mouth.  UGH!  Girl is fast, too.

But, I managed to out run her!  Made it into the house without touching the evil thing, and slammed the door behind me.  I went to tell Mom, and she laughed at me.  A lot.

Then Cinnamon, apparently finished devouring the snake, stole L.D.’s rawhide.

Little punk!


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